Filters for power networks

It often happens that a power network does not work at its full capabilities, despite being designed with state-of-the-art criteria and components. This is relatable to the non-linearity introduced by the nowadays ubiquitous power electronics, which introduce harmonics in current and voltage, and worsen the power factor of the whole plant.

In addition to the increase in power consumption and electricity bill, the non-optimal behavior of the plant directly impacts on the durability of the devices installed all over the line, from switchgears to transformers and power electronics themselves. Moreover, the protection apparatus needs to be oversized and may not operate properly.

FdueG offers dedicated solutions for filtering unwanted disturbances on the line and contemporarily optimize the quality of the power drawn from the main grid. The service is complete, from the first measurements on site to the realization of compact, efficient and durable filters, customized upon their application. 


Filters for harmonics

A necessity for every plant carrying a rectifier, FdueG’s harmonic filters remove most of current noise from the power line, improving as a consequence the voltage waveforms. The plant power factor can be also improved to almost unity, meaning less power is absorbed and paid for the same operations; plants can be used in full capacity immediately after the filter installation.
FdueG can provide both active (electronic) and passive (electromechanical) filters. Each solution is tailored on the customer’s needs.

Power: < 1 MVA
Voltage: <1,1 kV


Notching filters

FdueG builds and provides filters to prevent specific harmonics from entering a network. Compactness, efficiency and durability are the keywords for this application, even with medium voltage levels and MVA of transiting power.

Power: up to 20 MVA
Voltage: <36 kV