FDUEG made R&D an inspirational value and, more than anything else, a company asset.

Throughout the years our Company cooperated with many renowned Universities and research centers, both Italian and international. The Turin Politecnico and the University of Pavia stand out among those.

Among the research institutions, valuable cooperations to be highlighted are the ones with RFX Consortium, the CNAO foundation, operating in the field of cancer treatment, and INRiM, the Italian institute for metrology.

Thanks to these partnerships, FDUEG managed in past to realize research and development projects for its customers and partners, and keeps on doing so today. Numerous technologies and techniques have been introduced within the array of services offered.

Considering innovation as its own vocation, FDUEG turned research and development into one of its assets, continuously evaluating new solutions through FEM simulations and validation in test rooms.

For these reasons, the head of R&D, the Engineering Department and all FDUEG technicians are in constant training.


Politecnico di Torino

For more than 150 years, the Turin’s Politecnico has been one of the most important public institutions, active both in Italy and abroad in training, research, tech transfer and services for all sectors of Architecture and Engineering.


Consorzio RFX

The RFX Consortium is a research institution promoted by CNR (Italian research council), ENEA (Italian agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable development), the University of Padova, INFN (Italian institute for nuclear physics), and Acciaierie Venete SpA. It operates in the field of nuclear fusion as possible energy source.


Università di Pavia

The University of Pavia is among the oldest in the World. It is a research hub investing on its young researchers and their intelligence, skills, creativity and passion for knowledge.



INRiM, the Italian metrology institute, is a public research center. It realizes, maintains and develops the national reference standards for units of the International System.