23 January 15

FdueG realized the test room for high current tests (up to 7000Adc and up to 12000Aac) and thermal tests for Cariboni Alstom.

17 November 14

FdueG continues its supply relationship with the steel industry by providing a range of 2,000 kVA transformers for the renovation of several plants.

16 April 14

FdueG has realized for Nidec Asi a medium voltage easily transportable transformer with protection box of reduced dimensions for the execution of measurements test of partial discharge on electrical machines.

08 October 13

FdueG has developed a single phase shunt reactor for an offshore installation, wtih regulation from 260 to 350 mH and 240 A

12 August 13

FdueG designed and built two transformers which can deliver up to 18 kA of current in continuous operation for the test of bus-bar.

05 August 13

FdueG got the GOST certification that confirms the quality of the products in accordance with the regulations and the requirements of the Russian Federation.

18 May 13

FdueG created a series of inductors in the air for the test room of a well-known manufacturer of switches.

13 May 13

FDUEG has satisfied all the needs of a railway engines testing lab with one only transformer designed to work from 50 to 213 Hz with different voltage taps from 700 to 5000V.

04 March 13

We realized two couples of transformers and reactors suitable for medium frequency power electronics applications; both projects have ferrite core, are dimensioned for 2000 A and to work at 20 kHz.

25 January 13

FDUEG starts to provide medium frequency and high current transformers for highly automated welding equipment. These transformers can deliver current up to 8500 A working at 1200 Hz.

22 July 12

After being inspected by QS SCHAFFHAUSEN AG, FDUEG was granted an EN 9001:2008 compilation of the management system for the application sector: design, manufacture of electrical machine, transformers, inductors and reactors.

12 July 12

FDUEG has been cooperating with scientific and technological research institutes in the sector of controlled thermonuclear fusion, as a possible energy source, dealing with the improved of coils for plasma confinement.

10 April 12

FDUEG has completed the test of a series of small-sized neutral-earthing transformers impregnated with resin, starting from 12KVA. The products have test at 125KV lightning impulse in spite of numerous building complications ascribable to the small size.