The field of specialized solutions has allowed FdueG to emerge in the electrotechnical sector in companion with other competitors: our competence as designers and manufacturers has allowed us to study and make a wide range of customized transformers and reactors, perfectly meeting customers’ needs.

The range of our products comprises several types of transformers and reactors:
• Single phase and three-phase transformers
• Choke integrated transformers
• Medium frequency transformers
• Special transformers (three monophase, Scott…)
• Auto-transformers
• Air core and iron core reactors

Transformers and reactors can be cooled in natural air, forced air or water.
All our products come with IP21-IP66 enclosure protections with air-air and air-water cooling systems.

Our product range covers most sectors, as well as industrial and special applications:
• UPS transformers
• Transformers for rectifiers up to 72 pulses
• Transformers for photovoltaic and wind plants
• Transformers for furnace
• Shunt reactor
• Smoothing reactors
• Neutral grounding reactors
• C.c. current relay reactors
• Filter reactors
• Interbridge reactors