Marine shore power isolation transformer

FDUEG exploits its technology and expertise for a continuous development of new solutions for energy conversion and upgrade of electrical power systems in the naval sector.

Making use of power converters for electrical marine propulsion made it possible to reach a high precision in controlling the cruising regime of transportation and cargo ships. These upgrades involving the efficiency in marine mobility systems, moreover, have a potential in reducing the overall stress on the apparatus; they are the result of the introduction of new solutions, optimized in terms of performance and reliability, to tackle the new challenges connected to high power electrical transportation.

The management of electrical systems within a ship’s power train has its focus on propulsion control, while not being limited to this usage. The energy needs to be controlled and directed to all appliances on board, each one with its own specifications: from lighting devices to auxiliaries that require to be electrically isolated, from safety devices as circuit breakers to UPS, from electrical motors converters to energy storage. The aim of this is achieving the optimum efficiency in exploiting the energy resources on board.

Low voltage transformer for marine application FDUEG
Tapped medium voltage transformer for naval application FDUEG

Naval and marine shore power isolations transformers: special environment applications up to 10 MVA

Mv Distribution Transformers

The production of marine transformers involves models supporting medium voltage up to 36 kV, with custom specification for any kind of usage in the naval sector. In particular, they can be used as shore power source to feed a ship’s appliances.

All transformers are built with class H materials, while being optimizes for thermal class F, with the goal of achieving the best compromise between costs and efficiency. This, in turns, grants a remarkable overload capability, given by the fact that the insulation can handle higher temperatures than what is allowed by design. A side effect of this is the enhancement of service life duration.

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Lv Distribution And Marine Isolation Transformers

The three-phase transformers by FDUEG are capable of handling and serving all distributed and auxiliary appliances on board; their output voltage is adapted to suit any kind of load needing electrical isolation.

Any product used as galvanic isolator, motor soft starts control, auxiliary appliance supply, secondary converters or any other specific configuration are available, upon request, with or without protection cabinet. The IP degree of this can reach up to IP66, thus adapting to any kind of environment that is typical of marine and naval applications.

Propulsion Transformers

Transformers for converters up to 48 pulses are the core of FDUEG supply for naval applications; they are built by using all the most effective techniques available, in order to get an optimum of performance in efficiency and service duration. They can come with protection boxes with AF/WF cooling systems, customized upon any kind of application, and allow for a considerable weight reduction while keeping efficiency and reliability standards as high as possible.

Passive Filters And Smoothing Reactors

FDUEG manufactures reactors bearing currents up to 10 kA with AN, AF and WF cooling. These kinds of products can be used with both DC and AC power: for converters and inverter devices, with the scopes of filtering, smoothing the currents or operating as line reactors. Moreover, the company is specialized in producing transformers and neutral grounding systems, and also custom reactor tailored upon customer’s request.

FDUEG is the best partner, with its solutions, to tackle issues of ships’ electric systems.

  • COMPACTNESS AND EFFICIENCY are fundamental features for marine application transformers. The usage of the available space and the overall weight must be reduced as much as possible, while the exploitation of the internal energy resources has to be optimized. Since this last matter directly impacts on management costs, it must be considered as guidance for appliances working in an environment that need to be self sufficient in producing and redirecting energy.
  • DURATION AND RELIABILITY are both key factors in designing marine applications. All transformers are built with self-extinguishing materials, as resilient as possible to dielectric ageing in order to grant security, safety and constant performance over time.

Protection cabinets rated IP23 or IP44 allow for functionality even with the harshest conditions, with minimum maintenance of the apparatus. Different IP degrees for the metallic case can be supplied upon customer’s request.

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Technical data

MV distribution transformers Up to
10 MVA
Up to 24 kV AN 
Auxiliaries and LV distribution transformers Up to
10 MVA
Up to 3.6 kV AN 
Propulsion transformers Up to
10 MVA
Up to
12 kV
Passive filters and smoothing reactors Up to
10 MVA
Up to 36 kV di linea AN 


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