FDUEG, the italian R and D Engineering Company

FDUEG has made research and development as well as an inspirational value, above all a company asset in the production of transformers and reactors.

The company considers innovation its vocation. It is one of the company strengths that allows to continuously evaluate new solutions through finite element simulations and validations through tests in the test room with the utmost attention.

Internal R&D Engineering Department

Thanks to an important know-how, inside the company there is a team of engineers dedicated to the research and development of power transformers and reactors. The fundamental purpose of the R&D Department of FDUEG is to improve the technologies adopted, select the best materials from reliable suppliers, implement the products according to the highest standards on the market and find the most effective and efficient solutions to meet customer needs.

The engineers and technicians of the R&S Department are constantly updated and constantly follow the technical evolution. They work in teams and are able to carry out feasibility studies and cost analysis quickly. Each component uses the best software on the market for 2D and 3D modeling.

The research and development department actively collaborates with university institutions, carrying out research projects and theses aimed at technically improving the methods and solutions adopted.

Partnerships with universities and research institutes

Over the years the company has collaborated with several prestigious universities and Italian and international research centers of excellence. Among the universities with which FDUEG is in partnership we remember the Polytechnic of Turin and the University of Pavia.

Among the research institutions we highlight the valuable collaborations with the RFX Consortium; the CNAO Foundation – National Center of Oncologic Hadrontherapy for the treatment of tumors; INRiM – The National Metrological Research Institute.

Thanks to these partnerships FDUEG can continue every day to carry out joint research and development projects for its customers and collaborators, introducing numerous innovative technologies and methodologies in the range of services offered.


Polytechnic of Turin

For over 150 years, the Polytechnic of Turin has been one of the most prestigious Italian and international public institutions in education, research, technology transfer and services in all areas of Architecture and Engineering.
The University of Pavia is the oldest University in Lombardy and one of the oldest in Europe. The University of Pavia is a Research University that invests in young researchers, on ingenuity, skills, creativity and a passion for knowledge.
The RFX Consortium is a scientific research organization promoted by the CNR – National Research Council; ENEA – National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development; University of Padua; INFN – National Institute of Nuclear Physics; Acciaierie Venete SpA. Works in the field of controlled thermonuclear fusion, as a possible source of energy.
INRiM – National Metrological Research Institute is a public research center that operates as a national metrology institute (NMI). INRiM realizes, maintains and develops the national reference standards of the measurement units of the International System (SI).

Every research activity on transformers and reactors allows FDUEG to have a range of products under the banner of innovation in both high voltage (HV) and low voltage (LV).

FDUEG, italian engineering company with Internal R&D research and development Department for transformers, reactors and filters

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