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Iron core reactors

Iron Core Reactors: Shunt reactors, Interbridge reactors, Filter reactors, Reactors for converters, Smoothing reactors, Reactors for testing facilities, Earthing reactors

FDUEG developed a great experience in manufacturing dry type iron core reactors. These devices can be installed in industrial environments, with special working conditions and load profiles. The following paragraphs list the main iron core reactor families produced by FDUEG.

Reduced maintenance

Long lifespan


Shunt reactor FDUEG

They are used to compensate for capacitive currents in their network, stabilizing the voltage. They can sport wide regulations, to dynamically balance industrial loads in terms of reactive power.

Interbridge reactor with overload up to 50 kA for 2 hours 0.312 mH 3300 A 300 Hz AN 300 kg FDUEG

Used when AC/DC converters are parallel connected, to balance the current in output of each rectifier. The side effect on the voltages improves the performance of the conversion stage.

Filter reactor for power electronics used with generators FDUEG

As harmonic filters, they reduce the current harmonics present in AC grids. Usually coupled with capacitors, the resulting tuned circuits allows to control the high harmonic content generated by power electronic components. It is the most common category, having widespread usage with electrical equipment.

Reactor for converter FDUEG

Placed before AC/DC converters, they are line impedances damping current harmonics and abrupt voltage variations in the power lines. If they are connected after the converter, they absorb the disturbances due to switching; the usage of such devices improves the performance of the converter, reducing its aging.

DC choke water cooled FDUEG

They reduce current ripples in DC systems. They are carefully designed for the specific harmonic component appearing on the DC waveform, in terms of frequency and amplitude: this precise setup greatly reduces the losses, improving the system’s performance.

Tapped reactor for test room 0.35-0.4-0.45 mH - 300 A - 50 Hz - AN - 160 kg FDUEG

They simulate the actual working conditions while testing a device. FDUEG designs them based on a client’s needs, to be used for tests as the ones on capacitors and mechanical switches, for current limitations, power factor correction or as artificial load. They can feature multiple combinations setups, wide regulations, special and sever duty cycles.

Five limbs earthing transformer for power system FDUEG

They allow to earth a system’s neutral, while limiting the short circuit currents towards ground. In tuned version, their coupling with the line’s capacitance eliminates a fault current.

Motor Starting Reactor - 35 A - AN - 50 kg FDUEG

They limit the inrush currents on induction motors while they start. Placed on the feeding line only when a motor needs to be started, they can reduce the currents to 2,5/3 times the rated. They are also available in air core version.


Technical data

Iron core reactors Fino a 50 kA Fino a 36  kV AN  –  AF – WF – ONAN


Industrial electric power supply
Power Plants
Public, Medical and Commercial Buildings
Renewable Energies
fdueg applicazioni steelworks
Test Lab & Research Institutes
Offshore Plants
Data Centers


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