MV LV Transformers, reactors and passive filters

FDUEG: we realize products, we offer solutions

The value that distinguishes FDUEG consists in offering not only high-quality products, but also solutions. The engineers and technicians, with their know-how and experience concerning both designing and manufacturing, have allowed the company to study and produce low-loss transformers and reactors and efficient passive filters for more than 25 years; the offered product is always customized and responding to the customer’s requests.

The special solutions in the field of transformers cover both medium voltage (MV up to 36 kV and above) and low voltage (LV).

All products from FDUEG:
transformers, reactors and filters

All products are available with IP21 to IP66 protection boxes, with air-to-air or air-to-water cooling, completely compliant to IEC and UL/NEMA standards.

The range of products from FDUEG cover all typologies of three-phase and single-phase transformers, and reactors.

Guarantee 3 years, 36 months:
choosing FDUEG means security

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