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We produce special transformers, air core reactors, iron core reactors, passive filters and protection boxes

FDUEG was founded in 1995 thanks to the partners’ experience. We are a group of professionals with over 25 years of experience in the electromechanical sector.

Since then it is an important Italian company that produces dry-type transformers, cast resin transformers, oil-filled transformers, special transformers, air reactors, reactors with a magnetic core, active filters and passive filters. Thanks to the know-how of highly specialized engineers and technicians, it has sold products and systems in over 45 countries worldwide.

The production site is located in Italy, in Carpignano Sesia in the provinces of Novara and Vercelli in Piedmont. It covers a covered area of ​​over 3,000 square meters, on a property of 18,000 square meters.

Even since its foundations the company has found a niche in various sectors where machines for particular applications that require highly-competent design are needed. In his history it has built lasting relationships with some manufacturers of power electronics and has developed competitive solutions in the field of transformers and reactors in series. In the last few years FDUEG has strengthened its position with special applications by employing well-qualified engineers and training staff in new production methods so as to guarantee the greatest competitiveness both for special products and mass-produced ones.

FDUEG, the quality of the italian transformer manufacturers

Our competitiveness is closely linked to the constant improvement of technological processes. Our mission is to match our customer’s requirements to the most update design and manufacturing techniques to offer the best possible product.

For years the company has specialized in special products in the most varied fields of application: from power electronics to power distribution; from power generation to offshore plants and alternative energy production. FDUEG is specialized in custom transformers.

Over 25 years of experience in the electromechanical sector

Highly specialised engineers and technicians

R&D of increasingly effective and performing solutions

Guaranty of 36 months: choose FDUEG means security



Through the improvement of technological processes and thanks to valuable partnerships, FDUEG can carry out joint research and development projects for its customers every day, introducing numerous innovative technologies and methodologies in the full range of services offered.

The success achieved at national and international level is based on the relationship that FDUEG creates with its customers, always putting their needs first. The close collaboration in the design phase between the parts allows the creation of unique products for design and technical specifications, able to satisfy the most critical needs.

Over the years the company has become an innovation hub. We collaborate with Italian and international universities and research centers of excellence: Polytechnic of Turin, University of Pavia, Consorzio RFX; CNAO Foundation – National Center of Oncologic Hadrontherapy for the treatment of tumors; INRiM – The National Metrological Research Institute.

FDUEG, The quality of the italian transformers and reactors manufacturing company

FDUEG: we realize products, we offer solutions

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