Testing lab reactors

FDUEG has supplied its inductive load to testing facilities for many years. The deep and wide experience of the technical personnel, together with a careful analysis of each case study aimed at attaining a result that is compliant to the specifications, allowed the company to achieve a leading position over this market.

If it is needed to cause a voltage drop on a power line in order to control the current and its power factor, using a reactance is the best solution. Heat generation is almost completely cut, while the reactive power drawn from the supply can be compensated through the usage of capacitor banks: this way, also the overall current absorption can be relatively low.

Thanks to this advantage, the principal solution to finely tune the voltage of a test lab involves using reactor banks; this in particular holds for very low impedance loads and high currents, such as contactors or circuit breakers.

Short circuit test reactor 1.5 mH - 15 kA for 0.5 s every 10 minutes - 50 Hz - AN - 850 kg FDUEG

Testing lab reactors: Load reactors for short circuit tests and Filter reactors for testing facilities

Test lab reactors: product typologies

FDUEG proposes its test lab reactors mainly as coreless bobbin configuration. Air core reactors, in fact, allow to sustain any current variation without saturation effects. If compactness is needed, iron core pieces with the same ratings can be studied and proposed as equivalent alternative.

The engineers and the technical personnel within the Engineering Department take care of the comprehensive development of these products: this stage comprehends a study for inductive values, mechanical structures and control logic for load insertion.

The devices realized to withstand a voltage level up to 36 kV. However, requests for equipment bearing higher voltages can be studied upon specific request from the customer.

  • Load banks: a set of coils with different inductance level are used to compose the desired value. Each piece of the equipment is also available as iron core construction; the precision of the realization is compliant to tolerances in both cases, with all the advantages related to modularity. A single coil can be studied to withstand, both thermally and mechanically, high current tests which simulate the effect of short circuits upon the equipment. FDUEG has built reactor banks able to handle 50 kA in impulsive regime.
  • Load reactors for short circuit tests: this kind of application features, on the single coil, numerous taps to ensure a wide excursion in inductive value (and so, in current). Although the number of combinations is comparatively reduced with respect to load banks, this solution offers advantages in terms of compactness. These devices are necessarily built as air core reactors.
  • Filter reactors: they find their typical application in test rooms where power electronics elements produce current harmonics on the power line. Coupled with tuned capacitors, these reactors are able to remove harmonics, unloading the supply and stretching the service equipment life.

In parallel, FDUEG designs custom mechanical structures. Protection and support structures are apt to receive the inductors and specifically arranged so that the magnetic field does not cause hot spots in the structure. Manual or electromechanical systems for insertion are available.

For more info, the Technical Department can be contacted at the mail address info@fdueg.com.

Custom design

Precise realisation

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Technical data


Reactor banks
Up to

Up to 12 kV


Load reactors for short circuit tests
Up to

Up to 36 kV

Filter reactors Up to 6 kA Up to 3,6 kV AN



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