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Thanks to qualified personnel and the experience of the Technical Department engineers, FDUEG offers consultancy, maintenance and testing services for all types of transformers and reactors. The company complies with all the regulations in force in addition to the Eco Design 548/14 directive.

We are confident in the quality and reliability of our electrical machines, which is why FDUEG offers a 36-month, 3-year warranty on all products. The warranty is also extensible.

FDUEG has grown during the last 20 years because we help our customers’ businesses to grow and develop with our precision engineering solutions.


Thanks to twenty-year presence on the magnetic market, as well as to the previous experience of members of its Technical Department, the company can provide an advisory service for the design of reactors and electric transformers, as well as for the realization of plants that provide for their use.

In addition to FDUEG’s own production elements, advice may also include higher power and nominal voltage machines.


FDUEG has test rooms to test its products, as well as to hold attendant testing required specifically by regulations and its customers.

Compatible with the installed power, tests are possible on electrical equipment such as overheating tests, induced and applied voltage tests, pulse tests and measurement of the main parameters (resistance, inductance, insulation quality).

Guarantee 36 Months

Warranty 3 years, 36 months: choosing FDUEG means safety

The company produces in Italy. The statutory legal guarantee is valid 24 months from the delivery of the goods according to the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree no. 206 of 6/09/05 in transposition of Directive 1999/44/EC).

FDUEG is confident in the quality and reliability of its products. Customer satisfaction is the basis of our corporate culture. For this reason our products have a guarantee of 36 months, 3 years. Moreover, this guarantee is also extensible.

Normative Eco Design

In 2014, the European Union expressed, through legislation, the will to optimize its energy consumption also through a higher efficiency of the new transformers: they may only be installed in the Union if they meet certain loss levels.

FDUEG complies with the Eco Design 548/14 directive for its products, always looking for the best solution to propose a product that complies with the specifications and economically competitive, as well as durable and compact.

Logistics and Transport

Finding solutions for the customers means saving their time. Thanks to a specialized logistic department, own means of transport and a capillary network with several companies of the field, FDUEG can manage operations of transport and delivery internationally.

Customer Care

Customer satisfaction is the core of the company. Both senior and junior technical figures constantly follow customers at every stage, from purchase to design, from implementation to after-sales service, providing documentation on transformers and specialized technical assistance, both during installation and operation of the machines.

Engineering services and testing of electrical transformers and reactors for customers

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    Guarantee 3 years, 36 months:
    choosing FDUEG means security

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