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DC Choke Inductors

FDUEG aims at covering entirely the market of DC chokes and inductors, throughout the whole set of power ratings today applied.

DC power transmission, in fact, is gaining momentum in modern electrical systems because of the progressive development of power supplies and devices working with power electronics, which allow for an efficient usage of energy even without exploiting AC voltages. We can say that, today, AC and DC are working in parallel.

The DC market can be split into two: on one side, DC output generation like solar PV power or fuel cells are enlarging their shares with respect to alternate current AC; on the other, one can find all technologies deputed to power transmission and usage with direct current. For these last one, respectively, high current and high voltage components are needed.

DC choke inductor FDUEG
DC choke water cooled FDUEG

DC choke inductors: available as bar type, shell type or two wound column reactor

Inductors for converters

FDUEG has been cooperating for more than twenty years with the most important players in the market of power electronics, assisting them in developing new applications. Therefore, the typical needs for rectifiers and converters in general are well known. These are evaluated for any new design, so that the product is long-lasting and effective for any duty cycle it may be subjected to.

Ripple management in low and medium frequency is carefully analyzed to grant a performance in accordance to the project’s technical specifications.

DC inductors are available, upon request on electrical and dimensional parameters, as passing bar core, shell type or as iron cores with two wound columns.

Custom design


High performance

High current applications

The company supplies DC inductors for high current systems. They find their typical application in induction heating plants, chemical or heavy industry for which the ampere rating and the duty cycles are relevant.

The wide range of products are available with natural or forced air cooling (up to about 3 kA) or in demineralized water cooling (up to 6 kA); while the second type sports voltages up to insulation class 3.6 kV, for the first one there are no limitation within the possibilities of the dry-type technology: indicatively, the insulation class may reach 36 kV. The Technical Department is anyway available for studying and developing applications with higher ratings.

The resulting product is compact and resistant, does not require maintenance and assures the desired performance in blocking higher frequency disturbances. The design phase takes into account accurately the problems related to current ripple at high frequencies, insuring the inductance’s linearity for any duty cycle. It is indeed important that the magnetic core inductance value remains constant at a high impedance if exposed to current peaks and disturbances, in order to preserve the proportion between magnetic flux (thus, magnetic field) and current and protect the circuit.

It is possible, for two wound columns inductances, to connect the coils in series so that the equal number of turns in opposition blocks the common mode current, thus reducing thermal loads, power loss and system’s degradation.

At last, Interphase inductors are available to balance paralleled rectifier bridges, sporting the same limitations cited above.


Technical data

DC chokes Up to 6 kA Up to 3,6 kV  


Up to 6 kA Up to 3,6 kV
Inductors for converters Up to 3 kA Up to 3,6 kV


Industrial electric power supply
Power Plants
Public, Medical and Commercial Buildings
Renewable Energies
fdueg applicazioni steelworks
Test Lab & Research Institutes
Offshore Plants
Data Centers


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