Air core reactors

Air Core Reactors: Motor starting reactors, Filter reactors, Damping reactors, Earthing reactors, Short circuit current limiting reactors, Reactors for testing facilities

Besides its iron core inductances, FDUEG has plenty of experience in manufacturing air core dry type reactors for industrial applications and special environment and load conditions, both as single phase or as three phase configuration. The main categories of such product are listed here below.

Reduced maintenance

Long lifespan


Motor Starting Reactor On 6.6 kV Line For 2 Consecutive Starts Of 40 Sec. 17.5-10.3-6.6 mH - 100 A - 50 Hz - AN - 130 kg FDUEG

They limit the inrush current at the start on induction motors. Placed on the incoming line, they allow to diminish the current from 5/8 times the rated to lower and more acceptable values (around 2.5/3 times), before being bypassed for regular operations.

High frequency filter reactor 0.014 mH - 200 A - 10 kHz - AN - 7 kg FDUEG

They filter AC current harmonic, removing them from the power supply. Through L-C coupling, the resulting tuned filter is specifically designed to absorb a frequency, multiple of the fundamental, produced by power electronic components such as rectifiers.

Damping reactors

Their action is twofold: they limit the inrush currents resulting from the switching of battery banks and capacitors, while also smoothing fault currents in case of short circuit. During regular operations, they reduce the dielectric stress on the insulation system and prevent unwanted damage on the capacitors’ terminals.

Neutral Earthing Reactor FDUEG

They connect to ground the neutral of a system, so that their impedance reduces the current in case of fault between phase and earth. If tuned as Petersen coils, these air core reactors remove fault currents through capacitive coupling, protecting personnel and equipment.

Short circuit current limiting reactor 1.2 mH 1600 A for 15 kV line 50 Hz AN 850 kg FDUEG

They limit fault currents in transmission lines to levels that are compatible with the protection devices installed; thus, their presence allows the choice of cheaper components or to upgrade the existent power system to higher capabilities without substituting the breakers.

While sporting constant impedance both if heavily or lightly loaded, a short circuit current limiting reactor by FDUEG has a focus on mechanical resistance to sustain the design condition fault in magnitude and duration.

Test room reactor bank from1.7 to 10000 A - from 0.1 mH to 819.2 mH FDUEG

Used to simulate the operational conditions on samples under test. Tailored upon the customer’s requests, they find their application in testing mechanical switches, capacitors, loads in need for current limitation, power factor correction or construction of artificial loads. They can support large regulations, particular duty cycles, high voltage or current; if assembled in a bank, their combination allows to create multiple inductive values.


Technical data

Air core reactorsUp to 200 kAUp to 52  kVAN – ONAN


Industrial electric power supply
Power Plants
Public, Medical and Commercial Buildings
Renewable Energies
fdueg applicazioni steelworks
Test Lab & Research Institutes
Offshore Plants
Data Centers


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