18 June 2019
Tapped reactor for test room 0.35-0.4-0.45 mH - 300 A - 50 Hz - AN - 160 kg FDUEG

Iron core reactors

The different types of iron core reactors made by FDUEG are the result of years of experience, research and innovation for industry and particular applications -
18 June 2019
Test room reactor bank from1.7 to 10000 A - from 0.1 mH to 819.2 mH FDUEG

Air core reactors

The company produces air core reactors, exploited for motor starting, as filters, dampers, as earthing connectors, short-circuit limiters and for test rooms -
18 June 2019
Notch Filter made in Italy FDUEG

Passive filters

The company produces both Passive Filters (electrical) and Active Filters (electronic). Each solution is tailored to every specific requests of the customer -
17 June 2019

Oil-filled transformers

FDUEG designs LV and MV Oil Filled Transformers with power up to 10 MVA and voltage up to 36 kV: they are long lasting and ideal for an installation outdoor -
17 June 2019
Three Phase Cast Resin Transformer 500 kVA 20000-400 V 50 Hz AN 1600 kg FDUEG

Cast resin transformers

The LV and MV Cast Resin Transformers are designed with power up to 3150 kVA and voltage up to 24 kV, they are ideal for low operational and maintenance costs -
17 June 2019
Dry type Transformer with integrated choke 125 kVA 400-300 V 50 Hz AN 680 kg FDUEG

Dry-type VPI transformers

The Company produces Dry type VPI LV and MV Transformers with power up to 16 MVA. This type of VPI technology machines can exceed some 20 years of useful life -
17 June 2019
Earthing special transformer - Rated for 125 kV basic impulse level (BIL) FDUEG

Special transformers

Special transformers according to customer specifications are the main product of FDUEG, among these: earthing transformers, for test rooms and for converters -
17 June 2019
IP44 protection box with air-water heat exchanger FDUEG

Protection boxes IP 20-66

FDUEG can deliver custom protection boxes with all the needed characteristics involving fixing gauges and prevention of dust and water access -